A warm welcome to our friends and visitors!

The Von Witzleben family appreciates your interest in our beautiful, historically-significant gem.  

The monastery area is the pearl of Hude, and one of the most notable monastery ruins in our region. You will be surrounded by charming landscapes that give any interested visitor an idea of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere once celebrated by its inhabitants. The monastery offers a rich selection of cultural programs and active community interaction through the Friends of the Hude Monastery (Freunde des Klosters Hude).  

We invite you to visit and explore this unique and magnificent landmark, with a culinary finale in the comfort of the Klosterschänke.  

We live and work where others go on holiday. This is why the estate’s administration enjoys the responsibility of managing and preserving this piece of local heritage. Because this location also makes Hude an attractive leisure destination for travelers throughout the region, its positive effects extend far into our neighboring communities.  

On our website you will find many interesting facts about the von Witzleben family, our estate’s administration, and the landscape and family burial site. Special events at the estate are often noted in the local newspapers in addition to events and information you will find through the links on this website.  

We wish you much enjoyment as you discover our "Digital Monastery" and look forward to your visit!  

Sincerely Yours,

Family von Witzleben