The Farm Estate

von Witzleben
The Witzleben Country Estate is a family business that is continuing into its tenth generation, with an operating history of almost 400 years. The estate in Hude is the ancestral home of the Lords of Hude and Elmeloh, and is the last remaining property owned by the family. The leadership of Estate is committed to the preservation and respect of history and heritage. We both inhabit and manage this magical operation. We rely not only on traditional methods of production, such as agriculture and forestry, but also strive to develop modern industries such as property management, recreation, tourism, and event hosting. Thus, the task of estate administration is diverse, but the preservation of these wonderful and monumental facilities is our ultimate goal. We look forward confidently and joyfully to what the future will bring.  

Come and share our joy at your next visit to Gut Hude. Visit our ruins, stroll through Witzleben-Alee, satisfy your thirst for knowledge at the museum, satisfy your appetite at the monastery restaurant, visit our historic watermill, and even spend the night at the inn. Just keep in mind that the country park is private and should only be visited with an approved visitors’ guide.