Family-Cemetery of the von Witzleben | History

Familiy-Cemetery of the von Witzleben
Founded on what was once the private family lot of Christoph Ernst von Witzleben (*1751 - †1813), the family burial site is the final resting place of the lords of Hude and Elmeloh. The site is located directly opposite the monastery ruins on Kirchstraße (Church Street), and is accessed through decorative iron gates in the sandstone entryway on the north side of the street.  

The cemetery was established following a Napoleonic decree prohibiting some forms of burial within city walls in order to minimize concerns about space and public health.  

The von Witzleben family had formerly maintained their tomb at the St. Cyprian and Cornelius Church in Ganderkesee, but under the restrictions of the decree, the family was forced to find a new resting place.  

The new burial grounds were relocated near a park known as the Großen Baumhof (Great Tree-Farm), which is today part of the burial grounds. The area is now part of a three-row stand of oak trees, or Eichenalee, which is itself considered a prominent attraction and is a nature conservation zone.  

The historic resting place of the von Witzleben family contributes greatly to the cultural heritage of both the estate and the community of Hude. It is privately maintained, but it is open to all interested visitors, but guests are asked to be respectful as they visit the site.