Family-Cemetery of the von Witzleben | The War Memorial

Familiy-Cemetery of the von Witzleben
On July 6, 1963, the Witzleben Memorial was inaugurated in front of 54 family members. The four-sided sandstone columns bear the names of the members of the family that were lost during the First and Second World Wars. The significance of the monument is conveyed in the dedication speech given by Pastor Benditt, which began:  

It is a serious event that brings us together here; the memory of the victims of your house and families, who, on the fronts, in the camps, or by the hate of the powerful lost their lives. So often we think, as here today, that that, in the words and ideas of yesterday, can never occur again. It was your wish that we begin this hour with reflection on the passage in the Bible that states: The Lord is the spirit; but where the spirit of the Lord goes is there freedom.  

These last words spoken by Pastor Benditt are inscribed in large letters on the memorial. These words were also spoken for Field Marshal Erwin von Witzleben on July 20, 1944. It was for this spiritual freedom that he sacrificed his life, and which we are reminded of by this monument today.

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