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Monastery Museum
The Monastery Museum in Hude invites interested visitors to enjoy some insight into the emergence and decline of the Hude Monastery. The Friends of the Huder Monastery, e.V. have worked with archaeological relics and historical material with painstaking attention to provide a vivid experience for visitors. Guests can witness first-hand the model of the complex, and learn about the management of the monastery with numerous original artifacts, copies of documents and photographs, and details of excavations that convey a fascinating picture of convent life. It’s truly a vivid stroll through times past in Hude.  

Please keep in mind that the monastery ruins are privately owned. We ask that visits to the site are limited to the hours between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Photographs meant for commercial use are allowed only by permission, registration, and the payment of a small fee which serves to support the Friends of the Huder Monastery and their effort to preserve this special piece of history.

Also note that the use of aerial drones is strictly prohibited under penalty of law.