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Hude Garden Experience
Welcome to our garden paradise. With the Hude Garden Experience, visitors are given the opportunity to get to know first-hand the landscapes throughout the park, which is open to the public during reserved group tours.  

One can immerse themselves in a trip through history, hear about its emergence as a farm during the time of the monastery, and imagine how it looked to Count Anton Günther as he hunted and organized great feasts while ladies strolled along the groves with their sun umbrellas. Imagine standing in the same place as a great Danish king might have over 300 years ago.  

Listen to the fascinating Lausbubengeschichten written by the young Henning von Witzleben. Observe the ambiance created with the neoclassical painting of man-made nature by the Grand Duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig I of Oldenburg. Compare the current vistas with the paintings of the court painter, Theodor Presuhn. Learn about how the park was divided by a railway line and what Goethe has to do with the village of Hude, and even the legend of the Witzleben Rose.
Hude Garden Experience
Reconstruct the post-war period when the park was used by refugees, housed in barracks, and living with famine. Try to understand the experiences of the people, and envision the reconstruction and periods of heavy renovation of the park from 1999 to 2010. Enjoy a tour with knowledgeable guides and experience a piece of local history. With a little luck, one might even be accompanied by the Weiße Frau or hear the bleating of the baroque-era pet sheep.  

Public tours are held three times per year in the spring, summer and autumn. The tour through the landscapes and park is guided by a member of the Von Witzleben family.  

Tickets cost just €5.00 per person, and reservations can be made through the Gutsverwaltung von Witzleben.  

For more information and exact dates please contact:  

Gutsverwaltung von Witzleben
Tel: +49 4408 1804

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