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The English Country Park
Even today, the vivid descriptions by Muhle are ever-present. The beauty of the park is especially distinctive in the meandering paths, sparkling ponds, green meadows, majestic groves and ancient forest areas. Trails and roads through the landscapes offer visitors a plethora of opportunities to see all of the many wondrous facets of the garden and its surroundings.

Even the Oldenburg court painter, Presuhn, was so deeply impressed by park’s fascinating beauty and proximity to such unspoiled nature that he included it in several of his works.

The ‘’Gang" through the park is a cherished yearly tradition. It includes a procession featuring the area’s local Marksmen’s Club as it has since its founding in 1897. The parade progresses past waving families and closes at the monastery tavern, the Klosterschänke. The Friends of the Hude Monastery lead school groups through the park showcasing a 700-year-old linden, which stands proudly in front of the mansion. In the last few years, guided tours of the Hude Garden Experience have been well enjoyed.