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Monastery Hude
The policies involving visitors are handled by the Freunden des Klosters (Friends of the Monastery). Guided tours of the monastery ruins, the monastery museum, and the private park are offered year round by appointment. The museum is open generally during the on weekends from May to September.

Donations and volunteer opportunities are also directed through the Friends of the Monastery. More information can be found online at

In addition, the Kulterverein Hude Impuls, e.V. offers the popular and well known ‘’Hude Monastery Summer’’ just outside of Hude, with many activities and projects being enjoyed in the shadow of the Monastery.

Please keep in mind that the monastery ruins are privately owned and operated. We ask that visitors arrive between the hours of 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Photographs for commercial use are allowed only with expressed permission and the payment of a donation to the Friends of the Huder Monastery.

For more information please contact the Friends of the Huder Monastery:

Use of aerial drones is prohibited by law.